ODU and the Top Ranked Most Dangerous Universities

By: Amanda Poulter


Old Dominion University

Crime is always a popular conversation around the campus of Old Dominion University. While the frequency of alerts for robberies, larcenies and even murder make campus seem dangerous, ODU does not begin to compare to the nation’s most dangerous universities, according to statistics provided under The Clery Act. The Clery Act is a federal statute requiring universities to publish crime statistics. Surprisingly, the three most dangerous universities are all well known prestigious schools, and do not include ODU.

The number one university is Howard, followed by Yale, with Rutgers in third. ODU has the lowest crime rate for four of the seven crime categories in relation to the 3 most dangerous universities. “I don’t necessarily think it is dangerous because I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable while going to school here,” said Emily Ivey, a 27 year old Communications major at ODU. “But when I hear about all of the crimes that happen, it makes me think it is more dangerous”.

Another student said she won’t take night classes if she can help it. “I think it is super dangerous,” said Corie Olynech, a 22 year old Education major at ODU.

Students are surprised when they hear that prestigious universities have far worse crime problems. “After seeing the statistics, it makes me once again think that ODU is really not that bad,” said Emily.  “It is a rollercoaster effect in how often I change my mind on whether or not ODU is safe.”

Howard University Yale University Rutgers University Old Dominion University
Murder 1 1 0 0
Sex Offenses, Forcible 16 39 2 6
Robbery 91 50 35 9
Aggravated Assault 15 8 6 7
Burglary 68 151 75 25
Motor Vehicle Theft 22 46 15 4
Arson 0 5 1 1

*The Clery Act from each university provides all data.

*All of the University’s data includes 2010-2012 with the exception of Old Dominion. Old Dominion is from 2010-2013.