An Interdisciplinary Research Project

A report of crime on and around O.D.U. is the product of the students of COMM/ENGL 366, Public Journalism in a Digital Age. Public Journalism – sometimes called civic journalism – is based on the understanding that journalism is an essential part of the democratic process. While the students recognize that the project falls short in two key areas – engaging the public and suggesting solutions – they also understand that analyzing the problem provides a foundation for public journalism. A first step toward engaging the public is moving this project to a potentially public space – a WordPress site. A first step toward solution is the student’s interest in socioeconomic factors and reaching out – in an interdisciplinary fashion – to experts in Criminal Justice. At the suggestion of this semester’s class, this site will be moved forward to the next class in the hopes that this foray into modern Public Journalism – fueled by the internet’s implicit give-and-take with the voting public – may lead to solutions to problems with crime at Old Dominion University. –Lynn Waltz Professor of Journalism

"A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself." --Arthur Miller