Avoiding thefts and larcenies

Larceny is the most reported crime on campus but there are programs that will help deter or limit the number of larcenies. The first is the Patrol Aide Program. The program is designed to have part-time student employees, who offer information to campus community members and visitors. they are equipped with security radios to report suspicious activity to the police dispatcher. Patrol Aides are trained to observe and report suspicious activity, but never become directly involved in any incident. They also provide walking Escort Service. Patrol Aides wear reflective vests and have photo ID. Another is bicycle registration which is required by Norfolk City Code. Security Surveys ensure that your residents is well protected from burglars. Community Policing Officers conduct a thorough security inspection of residential and/or commercial properties. The purpose of the survey is to determine existing design, electronic and environmental weaknesses and to recommend such devices, procedures and/or methods of application that will reduce or eliminate exposure to criminal opportunity. Lastly is Operation ID. This program consists of engraving identifying markings, such as initials or a combination of numbers and/or letters, on valuable items (laptops, computers, Ipods, etc.) to help deter theft and to identify stolen items that are recovered.